Creosote Tank Cleaning & Removal, Reading

Client: Stonewood Builders Ltd
Project: Reading

Brief Description:
We were awarded the contract by new client Stonewood Builders to remove an underground tank and creosote contamination. The site is located at a Country Estate Yard, located to the south west of Reading in Berkshire where commercial and light industrial activities are undertaken including a gunsmith, offices, a tractor shed, a vehicle workshop and various buildings used for storage.
Scope of Works
  • The team set up a restricted working area with Heras fencing and signage
  • Access covers were removed using hand tools
  • 5,500ltrs of creosote was pumped into an IBC, and the pipework was drained down and capped off
  • Operatives set up a gas monitor to continually monitor the LEL levels around the tank and take readings and record every 15 mins
  • The tank was cold cut open and then with the washings being pumped into IBC’s, the tanks were cleaned and degassed
  • KpH issued a gas-free certificate so the excavation of the tank could take place
  • The experienced KpH Operative dug down either side of the tank, being extremely careful as there was a live water pipe near and around the tank
  • The tank was carefully pulled from the ground and hot cut ready to be flat packed, using a rubber tracked 13-tonne excavator
  • Digging down to approx. 3.2m below ground level, the contaminated soil was dug out onto polythene sheeting ready for removal and disposal from site
  • KpH’s Environmental Consultant to validate the excavation taking soil samples prior to the backfill
  • The excavation was backfilled with an imported certificated type 1 material and the ground leveled ready for use by the client

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