Removal of Stockpiled Waste, Syon Lane

Client: Foxleys Limited
Project: Removal of Stockpiled Waste, Syon Lane

Brief Description:
KpH Environmental Ltd was instructed by Foxleys Ltd to carryout the removal of stockpiled waste across the above premises, between May and July 2016. Prior to this KpH had assisted Foxleys in Oct 2015 with stock pile investigations, taking laboratory sample analysis to ascertain the makeup and contents across the site. KpH also at this time aided Environet with the removal and treatment of Japanese Knotweed known to be onsite and in the neighbouring properties. As a result of the stockpile investigations it was confirmed that across the various stockpiles the following waste streams were identified: Chrysotile Asbestos, Japanese Knotweed, Tarmac, Concrete, Hardcore, Timber and General House Waste. KpH put together a proposal to clear the stockpiles to ground level removing all the various waste streams to the appropriate authorised waste facility .  
Scope of Works:
  • KpH established a restricted site set up with Heras fencing, site welfare and strict controls in place to avoid cross contamination.
  • All Japanese Knotweed was removed from site via 8 wheel tipper lorries and all lorries passed through the wheel wash.
  • Due to the various materials within the other stock pile, KpH utilised a Screening Machine to segregate the soil, asbestos fragments, plastics, concrete, tarmac, generals waste etc. Dust suppression canons were utilised to dampen down the environment.
  • As part of the project KpH was also instructed to demolish the old clubhouse building, changing rooms and outbuildings onsite.
  • The buildings were stripped out and all rubbish removed prior to demolition via the onsite excavators at long reach.
  • The buildings were reduced to ground level with the slab and footings removed. During the removal of the slab and footings an archaeological survey was carried out to ascertain any archaeological interest.
  • The whole site was reduced to ground level and handed back to Foxleys.

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