Removal of CO2 Strippers, Elmer Treatment Works, Leatherhead

Client: Bridges Electrical Engineers Ltd
Project: Removal of CO2 Strippers, Elmer Treatment Works, Leatherhead


What is a CO2 Stripper?
Water is dispersed across the packing within the tank, which in turn agitates the water to release the CO2. This process allows the degassed water to run to the base of the tank and the CO2 extracted.
Scope of Works:
KpH were awarded the project to deconstruct and remove 2 x 85,000 litre CO2 Strippers at Elmer Water Treatment Works Leatherhead.
  • KpH mobilised to site with a fully trained EUSR team to carry out all the elements of the project.
  • KpH carefully planned out the safe method for the deconstruction and removal taking extra care due to the close proximity to live services and other contractors working in the vicinity.
  • Due to the restricted space within the plant each tank had to be cut using reciprocating saws into manageable sections, and working from a fixed scaffold our skilled team then worked from top to bottom, deconstructing the tanks inner steel support plates and process as they went.
  • The CO2 strippers were both filled with plastic filter medium that had fused together because of the process. Approx. 40m³ of filters were in each tank and had to be hand dug out to enable the removal.
  • All waste from the working area had to be removed from the plant and out the to the rear of the plant and into skips before being removed to licensed waste disposal facilities, with all appropriate EA notes and duty of care paperwork issued.
  • The experienced team carried out the dismantling and removal to a tight programme maintaining high standards of work and health and safety.

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