Fuel Storage Tank Cleaning, Dover Castle

Client: Sykes & Son Limited
Project: Fuel Storage Tank and Associated Lines Decommissioning and Cleaning, Dover Castle

Brief Description:
KpH Environmental were instructed to carry out the safe decommissioning cleaning and draining of 1no. 49,000ltr tank and 1 no. 6,000ltr tank and associated lines within the historic tunnels that run beneath Dover Castle. Dover Castle is a medieval castle in Dover, Kent, England and is Grade I listed. It was founded in the 11th century and has been described as the “Key to England” due to its defensive significance throughout history. As the building is Grade I listed, all pipework had to be carefully disconnected so that each section could be reconnected exactly as it was. It was also key that protections were used throughout the draining and flushing of the pipework and lines to avoid any risk of leaks or damage as the pipework run throughout the tunnels which are part of the Dover Castle tours.
Scope of Works
  • Operatives gained safe access to the main tank via the existing ladder to remove the man lid on top of the tank with hand tools to check the level of oil.
  • Gas monitors were set up around the work area monitoring the LEL concentrations.
  • The vessels atmosphere was continually monitored throughout the cleaning procedure and recorded every 15 mins
  • A Confined Space Operative gained entry via the man lid and cleaned the tank to a white rag standard, all sludge and oil was transferred into 205ltr drums
  • Operatives flushed/purge the vast network of pipework within the tunnels beneath the castle into 205ltr drums/25ltr containers
  • Collections points were protected with polythene, drip trays and spill mats
  • Operatives reconnected all pipe work after purging and draining
  • On completion gas free certificates were issued and all waste removed or disposal at a licensed facility

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