Confined Space Waste Removal, Bulford Military Camp

Client: SLR Consulting
Project: Confined Space Waste Removal, Bulford Military Camp

Brief Description:
Long term client, SLR Consulting, approached KpH for assistance with the removal of various waste streams from within an underground shelter at Bulford Military Camp. KpH were able to provide a skilled 3-man Confined Space Team and in-house CPCS machine operator to carry out the works.
Scope of Works:
  • As part of the works KpH organised the supply of a 20ft storage container to store all the waste materials in and planned an appropriate disposal route.
  • Our in-house skilled CPCS Operator, utilised a mini excavator to dig out the soils from the entrance of the shelter for access. Once the excavation was complete and permits issued the Confined Space trained team entered the shelter utilising a Tripod and Winch. During the operations, Operatives were equipped with specialist Escape Breathing Apparatus Sets and Gas Monitors to ensure the atmosphere was safe to work in.
  • The Confined Space Entry Team set to work removing hazardous/non-hazardous waste products from the shelter. All waste was carefully identified, collated and transported to the onsite container and placed in secure 205ltr open top drums.
KpH returned to site after a short time-frame having organised the dangerous goods transport (ADR) and disposal of the waste.

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